The Art of Queueing – Simulated

[Reading Time: 30mn]

I don’t know a lot of people who enjoy queueing. But queueing is a fact of life: each time we are competing for access to some limited resource, the natural tendency is to form queues: taxi spots, social security counters, Eiffel Tower entrances, Disneyland latest attraction, saturdays’ over-crowded supermarket tills, annual iPhone launch day at any Apple Store. The list goes on and on.

Last week I was standing in a queue which had formed in front of 2 tube tickets distribution machines at the St Lazare station in Paris, France. The line was short but accumulating. Not a good sign but the Metro hall at St Lazare is huge: you can fill many more people before promiscuity becomes compromising. And in any case, my turn was close.

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