Big Data Taxonomy Visualisation

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What is it?

In the last couple of blog posts, I have explained my thoughts on software architecture documentation in general, with a focus on data-driven architecture documentation.

Data management has become a complex topic over the last decade, mostly caused by the explosion of data sources, itself a consequence of the explosion of internet-connected services and devices. A term has been coined to depict this situation: Big Data.

Oftentimes, our clients want to understand 2 things about Big Data:

  • What it means, in order to understand whether they need to feel concerned.
  • What the landscape is, or the cartography, or even better: the taxonomy.

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Data Quality – Testing Outliers With Live Market Data And The Stockings Library

[Reading time: 10mn]

While working on enhancing our outliers detection library, we saw an announcement for a new Clojure library called “stockings“. This library offers an API which you case use on order to get at market date from Yahoo Finance service (stockings.core) or Google Finance service (stockings.alt).

We’ll leave it to you to have a look at the complete capabilities of the library. As you guess from our previous posts, we were specifically interested in its market data history features.Our existing example starts with data available on disk in a CSV file. We’ve adapted it so it dynamically gets historical data using the stockings library.

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